Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome Ginger

I wanted to take a moment to welcome Ginger to Step by Step!
Ginger is the force behind Life in a Blender and has her own blog going as well.
She made a comment via email to me that she's endured many of the things that I've spoken of here on Step by Step and learned how to overcome them before she drove herself crazy.
I am hoping that I can learn from Ginger as well as place her in the position and spotlight she deserves so that others can learn from her too!
Please welcome Ginger and be sure to check out her site and boards for others who are walking that same mile in those same shoes.


Ginger said...

Thanks! I'm flattered :)

Kim said...

I'm excited you are on board! PS How do I subscribe to this blog?

Angela said...

Sometimes it feels like we are ship wrecked on Gilligan’s Island when we get stomped on by our blended family members. So I am really looking forward to reading what Ginger has to say about this!

:pun intended:


Ginger said...

lololol about my name, Ginger.. that's why I picked it! I'm rolling...