Monday, April 24, 2006

Dealing with hostile new wife

We have a reader that's trying to deal with a hostile new wife who criticizes her to her daughters when they're on visitations with their father and it's becoming very very upsetting for the mom and the daughters. 

Mom states she has never seen the stepmother as a threat, but feels she is threatening the peace of her daughters'.

Stepmom's or anyone with some sound advice - please chime in!

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Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying I do believe the Mother in this situation but feel it requires more investigation. I am a soon to be Step first my relationship with my fiance's daughter was fine. Actually it was really quite nice. 7 Months first meeting the daughter,the bio Mom started to say things to the daughter...not too negative but thought provoking enough to change the manner of the child. The child now is testing limits with me, to be expected but is void of all basic manners. I know that this is a child raising issue and can be corrected as the Mom know that your children listen to what you say even though it may seem as if they heard nothing! Examining closely what we say no matter how insignificant it may helps tremendously! I know we are all trying to find our footing in these situations but I think it is time for the FATHERS to step in and do some parenting and communicating with their current spouses as well as their exs. Good luck and know that not all step parents are out to get the bio parents.