Monday, April 10, 2006

Newlywed Stepmom struggles with stepdaughter

I am newlywed, with a nine-year old stepdaughter. His daughter liked me… until I married her father. Then, she began wanting to sleep with us. We told her she needed to sleep in her new bedroom. She kept asking my husband and he did put her back; he knew I meant it. So now she wont even come over.

I love her. She tells my husband she does like me but she doesn’t want to come. I feel like a outcast and she is so spoiled by her grandma. My husband says there is nothing he can do. We don’t want to force her, but she should want to come see her dad. So he goes occasionally and takes her to lunch, then to her grandmas, that’s all.

I have been good to her. I’ve been friendly but I can do no more. I am worn out.

See how this professional responds...

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