Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stepmother Responsibility

I found the message below on a news group I belong to and thought it was worth passing on.  I'd love to hear the opinions of others...


Couple -

Female grown children away at college. 

Male has two small children who require a great deal of time, attention and discipline.

How much of the responsibility for the small children becomes that of the stepmother?

When the father has visitation (shared custody with the biological mother) should the father abandoned all his responsibilities to the home and his spouse?

What would you do if a large household project came up, had to be taken care of immediately and it happened to fall on a visitation night?

Personally I feel that the father should be entirely responsible for his own children. 

The stepmother is the bonus and if anyone should enjoy the visitation as a holiday it should be the stepmother - after all she is the "bonus."  The father is the one that assumed the responsibility when he chose to get a woman pregnant.

I believe that fathers have it too easy when it comes to makin babies and during visitations.  They should be committed to all the responsibilities that come with that child(ren) - from cooking the meals to doing the laundry.

More and more men are marrying or taking in a partner to have a caretaker for their children.  I believe that if more women stood up and said they aren't going to do it, perhaps there would be less accidental pregnancies and fewer divorces.

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