Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We haven't seen SD since Christmas - which seems to be the norm over the past few years - we don't see her between December and April - April is her birthday .. she seems to come around then.

Last week, out of the blue, my 4YO DD started crying hysterically for her Sister. So Hubs called SD (he calls at least 2x a week, but SD ignores him) and handed DD the phone. When XW answered, DD said "I want my sissy" and XW handed over the phone (while yelling at SD in the background because Hubs had the nerve to let DD ask for her). Whatever. *eyeroll* (it's okay when her kids call our house, though). DD said to SD "I weawy miss you Sissy" and then gave the phone to hubs. SD told her Dad she hasn't called because her cell phone broke and she lost all her numbers. Hubs was extremely irritated since he owns a local business - how hard is it to look up his phone number? Besides, she always brags about the commercials - she can't read the phone number?

She also told him she would have to call him back because the whole family (all NINE of them) were having dinner - she never called back. Hubs has called her several times since then and she ignores him. Go figure.

I just sit and nod (and when DD talked to SD, I cried - she's hurting my little girl) and stay the heck out of it.

SD will be 17 this month. Hubs doesn't want to acknowledge her birthday since she seemed to forget about our Son's first birthday last month (and mine, but I don't care).

I just hate the drama associated with step life and pissed off exes.