Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You know you're getting someplace...

There have been so many times when I've wondered if I am a good mother and stepmother.  But there are times when little things creep into the picture that let me know I'm either doing something right or I do enough right - that my kids and stepkids do think of me - when I least expect it.

There are nights that are special between me and the kiddos - those are the American Idol nights and the Deal or No Deal nights - and I can't forget Friday nights with Ghost Whisperer.  Sometimes we have to burn the channel changer up flipping between the two but it's our television night.

It's not always spent quietly staring at the screen, but rather spent discussing much of what's important to us - our opinions, our concerns, whatever seems to be the topic on any given day really.  Doesn't matter much - what matters is it happens.

This last Monday evening, my two kids and I were in their room watching Deal or No Deal.  Of course we call and cast our vote, while discussing which case we all seriously think is the winning case.  But while we wait on the winner to be announced, we discuss all that we would do if we were lucky enough to win $10,000.

While we were sharing our television night, the phone rang.  It was my stepdaughter.  She'd called just to join in on our special television time.  Over the phone we were able to share all the fun of our family television time with her too.  She told us what case she thought would be the winner and of course Mom got to do the little victory dance because ONCE again I picked the winning case!

Even though we didn't win the actual $10,000 prize, that evening itself was worth much more.  Because with so many miles separating us, we were able to find a way to have quality family time - even during the week.

It's moments just like that - that make me realize I must be doing something right and lifts the worry just a little bit more.

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