Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bitter Divorces

A manhunt was on early Tuesday for a pawn shop owner suspected in a shooting at his estranged wife's building and wanted for questioning in the shooting of a judge involved with his divorce case.

Darren Mack "had recent dealings with the judge and the family court section" in his divorce, Johns said, calling it "an obvious connection." But he said police "do not have enough information to say he is a suspect" in Weller's shooting.

According to Washoe County District Court records, Charla Mack filed for divorce on Feb. 7, 2005. A two-day custody hearing was scheduled before Weller for Sept. 7 of this year and a mutual restraining order was signed in May 2005, according to court records.

On the Web site, he wrote: "My name is Darren Mack, and I am the third generation owner of a small business in Reno, Nevada. My family has owned and operated small businesses in Nevada for 45 years."

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The photograph above was taken from that website that is available in cache files only.

I have to wonder what could possibly push a person over the edge to such a degree? Is this man not aware of what he is doing to his children? Does he not care?

Anyone have any stories they could share that are perhaps similar so that we may be able to grasp a more clear understanding of such rage associated with divorce?

Any advice on handling such rage? Perhaps it's too late for someone associated with Charla, but the advice made available here and through other avenues may just save someone further on down the road.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Mack family during this troubling time.

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Ginger said...

This is devastating. I cannot express how sad I feel for their children. I live locally and used to work in the courthouse where the judge was shot. It seems so surreal.

Ginger said...

He turned himself in today.