Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's official - I live in the most boring place on earth

Well, that's what my kids have informed me of - this realization comes only 4 days into summer break.
Gosh it's so tough to be a kid when all there is to do is -
 - ride the go kart
 - play game cube
 - watch the cartoon network (or one of another 150 channels)
 - ride bikes
 - jump on the trampoline
 - play in the garden hose
 - draw
 - color
Sheesh, since when did being a parent mean entertainer too?
Anyone have any ideas to spice up my kids summer a bit to keep from earning me the most boring mom on the planet award by summers end?


Titanium said...

I've been named the meanest mom in the universe.. because I tell my kids to go outside & play instead of sitting around playing video games all day. If they're bored, I can always find cleaning for them to do, which is not at the top of their FUN list. :)

They'll be ok. Your job is not to be entertainer. I think kids need to learn more, these days, how to entertain themselves.. or at least the kids I've been around lately do.