Friday, July 14, 2006

Women OC

After the success of the web site Pregnant Online its owners are pleased to announce Women OC ( an new online community for women.

The new site goes one step further combining over 20 forums into one easy to navigate site. Members can discuss books, relationships, politics, movies and dozens and dozens of other topics.

New forums are generally very slow to start and can often lay dormant for many months with less than a handful of posts. Women OC however has already hit 8000 posts in less than one month.

Users of the web site have been giving valuable feedback to it's administrators who have been adding new forums on request. The owners believe this is the best way to give the users "the best possible open discussion forum."

The owners or Pregnant Online noticed how it's members also liked to discuss many other issues non pregnancy related. The all topics forum would often get just as much attention as the other pregnancy related forums. This is what gave them the idea to create Women OC, a place where its members could go and discuss thousands of topics organized into 21 forums.

Users of Women OC are rewarded for creating interesting topics and by the amount of content they post. The rewards are in the form of points, these can use to "purchase" gifts for other members in the form of small images that are displayed next to the users profile when they posts. Members can also use these points to enhance there own profile and purchase awareness ribbons.

Although the sites main user base comes from the US, it also has members in both Europe and Australasia.

Starting in September Women OC will be giving its members free personal blogs and there will be many other new features added in the coming months.
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