Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just what is dad supposed to do anyway?

In a blended family, the father usually has the visitation weekends, right?

Well, on those visitation weekends, what is it that dad is supposed to do?

I've got a few friends who are constantly talking about how they do the laundry - clean up after the step-kids, make sure they are fed, etc.

If you were in such a situation, how would you handle it?

I thought the stepmom was supposed to be a bonus, not the caretaker of the stepchildren.

I'll admit, I've found myself a bit frustrated at times, but my stepkids are teens and can pretty much take care of themselves. I Am the lucky one!

As for my friends, they've got little stepkids - and a handful of responsibility I don't think they quite banked on.

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