Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Not All About You

First - a word for today --- narcissist - inordinate fascination with oneself - A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.

Now that the condition has a name - perhaps the person I'm talking to can get some help. Because in the end, as much as this person would like to think everything is about them, it's not.

I've been very troubled by a situation that has come up because of a post I made. Apparently I know a few cheaters and not just one. Over the weekend I've received a few calls. It's amazing at just how easily such a cryptic message can draw out or expose the guilty. One from a relative asking if my post was about cousin Billy Jo*. One from my mother asking if it was a person she knew and then I received a phone call from a child in tears saying they were being blamed for my post.

Since I know the person blaming that child has taken to reading my blogs as if they were a car crash in progress and visiting as much as three times a day now, I will state right here - for the record, the post was NOT about you - it happened to be about an ex relative of mine - but I felt the information to be pertinent enough in the bigger picture, that I wanted to let potential cheaters all over know they should keep the kids out of their adulterous rendezvous.

You totally made a complete fool of yourself and hurt and innocent child. You owe that child a huge apology - are you grown up enough to handle that?

If you have something to say or issues to take up with me, then take them up with me. Don't use that poor child as a messenger.


Angela said...

Oh Boy oh Boy it makes me want to puke knowing that there are people out there that make attempts to drag their children into messes that they've created.

I hope for the child's sake that this will stop. Why can't adults put their children first and keep them safe from this type of negativity?