Friday, June 22, 2007

MTV's True Life

I received a casting call from MTV. They are looking for children of divorce ages 16 - 28, to share their stories and experiences.

You can read the casting call here

Also, the contact sent some additional information by email:

True Life: I Have a Blended Family

Is a new stepmother or stepfather about to enter your life and home… along with their kids? Is the size of your family about to double in a day? Is your parent’s same-sex partner moving in with him/her…and you? Are you trying to befriend your siblings-to-be but doubting the outcome? If you feel like your family is about to get blended, MTV wants to hear from you.

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, and your family is undergoing a major reconfiguration, email us at with all of the details. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a photo, if possible.

I'm hopeful that if anybody chooses to contact MTV and even do the show, that you'll share with us so we can watch!


Mrs. H said...

How absolutely disgusting.

No offense Ginger, but the last thing children who are struggling to survive a divorce situation need is to have it exploited for the entertainment of others.

Add this to the long list of reasons I refuse to watch MTV or reality TV.

ginger said...

Well, you're free to tell the people who want to do it your opinion.

I wouldn't do it, wouldn't want my kids to, but there are others who would.

Perhaps they can help others relate.. it's not necessarily meant to exploit.

It's perception. Life is all about perception.

ginger said...

Interesting that you didn't post your comments about this on LIAB. It's posted there.

Try not to shoot the messenger.

Mrs. H said...

Sorry, not shooting the messenger. This is just where I saw it....that's all.

I am so sick of reality tv and it's portrayal of families.

Being a blended family is hard enough work without hanging all your dirty laundry out for millions of viewers to see. I've had the same issue with "talk shows" like Jerry Springer for years.

Maybe if we didn't glorify (and as many in the biz say, there is no such thing as bad publicity) these situations, people wouldn't feel like it is something to aspire to.

I'm all for helping families, but I really don't think this is the way to do it. I see MTV as looking for the next big reality tv score and they are cashing in on our broken families to do it.

I'm sorry, but I think it is sick.

Utah Divorce Attorney said...

I heared so man stories about successful blended families, and so many about even more heartache.... because the two parents didn't decide on groundrule.