Monday, September 17, 2007

School Supplies?

For those that have two families how do you decide who buys what for the new school year? Do both families take part in this or is it only the one that gets the child during the week?

I've seen this go both ways, in fact my cousin is currently going through this. Her ex just bought all the items on the school list. Since she recently had a baby she was relieved she didn't need to go out shopping. Course when he brought her home after his weekend visit he told her their child is only to use them at his house. Problem is he only gets her on the weekends. Any advice for her?


Crock Pot Mom said...

Because I am the primary parent (dad is a weekend dad), I usually buy the school supplies. It makes sense to me. Your cousin's former husband seems to be working oddly; we always have to send the school supplies in to the school. IF he bought everything on the list, he should send them in to school (and if he needs to keep some home to help his daughter, he should ask your cousin to purchase those items for the school)...what a bummer he isn't so willing.

Homemom3 said...

Thank you for your response. She ended up having to rebuy everything as he refused to let their daughter bring it back to school. Yes, with us we have to send all school supplies into the school as well then the teacher shares it with everyone. My cousin and her ex have some bad issues to resolve, he'll make anything difficult for her.

Lina said...

My friend has just gone through a divorce. Children stay with her and her hubby is to pay them some monthly fees (not too big) which are not big enough to cover all needs... It seems to me that everything depends on the person - some dads wish to spend time, effort and money on their kids, some just forget about them existing in a week after they live separately. there are no universal recipes for such situations:(