Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Automated Man Gets the Shopping Done!

How many times have you sent a child to the other parent knowing they may need something when they are there? My neighbor is constantly telling me this happens to her repeatedly. She'll send her two boys to their moms and there mom will call their dad and ask him to pick up a few extra things at the store as she didn't have time to get it. This sucks for the dad and his wife because they already pay support but if they don't provide them with the few items requested they'll go without just because of spite.

Her children are still young but I showed her AutomatedMan today, which allows a person to go online and order a month supply of hygiene products for a male. Sorry, no female ones. This is something you can order online and have sent to an address. Something to maybe delivered to their mom's house in the future so they can shave, brush their teeth, etc. It arrives in its own bag and has everything in it once a month.

For $39.99 they get:
As you can see there is definitely a lot of stuff and this stuff goes over $100 in value so you know they won't just run out. My guess is this is probably sounding much better to you then just buying it all yourselves whenever she/he decides they are out. Plus you can always order it for your own child to be delivered to home or if they go to a school far away (boarding) at Automated Mom. Either way, you can order, they can order and no matter what the issue is always covered. No child should go without and hey you could even buy this for your own spouse and never have to buy this stuff for them again. They'll just have to remember to use it every once and a while. Right?

Have a good day, I'll be updating more often with more step-parenting scenarios like the one above and asking ....what would you do if you were in his/her shoes. Hey we all go through issues whether we are stepfamilies or never been divorced. One thing is for certain though, when things are all taken care of everything should run least for mom.


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