Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pre Football Practice Conversation

A few months ago on the way to football practice, the four of us (husband, two sons and I) were all discussing a football injury that took place at one of the games. The kid wound up in the hospital with a dislocated hip and will remain there for at least one week. The conversation went as follows:

Son – I think if I ever wound up in the hospital, I’d just have to off myself mom!

Mom – Why’s that Coty?

Son MOM!!!!!!!! Do you KNOW how many dead people have died there? That place just HAS to be so haunted!!!!

Stepdad – *laugh* BOY you don’t have an ounce of common sense do ya?

Son – YOU Knowwwww IT! (with a strong sense of pride no less)

Other Son – you don’t have a clue what he just said do you?

Son – Of course I do STOOPid!