Monday, March 13, 2006

Extreme Home Makeover

Did anyone happen to see the two hour special of Extreme Home Makeover last night?

It was such a wonderful show, but there was a part of it I found rather disturbing - ok, a LOT disturbing.

The family who were receiving the new home was a mother and her 5 teenage kids.  Just about 9 months ago, her husband - a minister - passed away ON the morning of their 19th wedding anniversary.  Very sad!

Keep in mind - that was ONLY 9 months ago!

Now, this woman and her FIVE teen children (4 girls and 1 boy) were moved out of the parsonage and into a trailer that USED to be a mobile office unit.  Not even equipped for living in - i.e. no kitchen stove and other necessities.

Three girls shared one room that had bunk beds from floor to ceiling.  They had what looked to be a whole 6 inches above them in which to turn over while sleeping.  I think I'd probably suffocate from claustrophobia in them.

The mother shared a room with the eldest daughter - again - bunk beds!

The son had his own room - that I could understand, he was a teen and the only boy - so he didn't need to be in the room with mom or his sisters at that age.  But the room was still very small and unfinished.

This family was put out in the street as far as I'm concerned!  I can't believe the church, her husbands congregation would even allow such a move - regardless of whether mom insisted on it or not - I don't know the whole story.

But near the end of the show when this family was presented with a beautiful 5,000 square foot home, the new minister of her husbands former church gave the blessing over the house.  Call me jaded, but he certainly sounded like one jealous creature to me!  Two very short, very pointed sentences in his prayer and that was IT!

It was so nice to see the town and Extreme Home Makeover come to the rescue of this family, because it was more than obvious that the church wasn't helping much.

That, in a nutshell is precisely why I don't think that church and organized religion is a place for me.

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Angela said...

Yet another reason why I posted my thoughts on Perfect Christians.

gayla said...

I thought about your perfect christians while I was watching that show. Amazing at just how many there are, isn't it?

Angela said...

What's even more amazing is dealing with this "pefect christian syndrome" via my side of the family.

gayla said...

I know it has to be difficult at times, but at least one good thing comes from it - you're not like them and won't ever be :)