Monday, March 20, 2006

Family Vacations

Silly me - I just realized that Spring Break is upon us and summer break isn’t too far way.  This is the time of year I typically begin planning for a little vacation for the family and I know many others are getting lost in those same types of daydreams as well.

While you’re shopping around for your little vacation getaway, I’d like to recommend that you consider a Vacation Home Orlando style.

With Disney, Epcot and so much more, it’s a vacation that’s taylored to every family.

Where are some of your favorite family vacation getaways?

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Kim said...

Gatlinberg/Pigeon Forge is also a good place and a little closer to us! Lots to do and see Plus there are MOUNTAINS!

Angela said...

If the kids haven't been to see the big mouse in awhile then I would do it Orlando style too! The last time we went down there I was pregnant with Fiona and Lauren was about 11 years old. We spent most of our time at the water parks. It was hot and those were the best!

It's also fun to plan these little vacations with your best friend's family. That's what we did. We all stayed in a time share and had a wonderful time together. It's also important to break away and just do the family thing. We did that sometimes too.