Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Personal Journaling Site MyDaze.com Features Enable Parental Participation

Bates Strategy Group, Inc. (BSG) today announced the release of its MyDaze.com Parental Choices program for safe personal journaling and information sharing. MyDaze.com delivers a "Social Networking" service that enables an individual to create a private, personalized Neighborhood on the internet. The Parental Choice program offers differing levels of participation to the parent, running a spectrum from minimal awareness and approval to complete hands-on involvement as the Circle site manager.

Parental Awareness – As a subscription service, parental awareness and approval is required by default to activate a MyDaze Circle.

Chaperoned – Parents can become a member of the Circle to passively chaperone the group, monitor content, and participate when appropriate.

Manager – As a Circle Manager, parents have complete control over circle content and member invitations.

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Perhaps this is one of the more safe alternatives to MySpace - which has been appearing in the news quite a bit lately.

Children should be encouraged to start someplace, however, proper monitoring is a must considering all the craziness there is in the world.


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