Sunday, November 05, 2006

Should Sick Kids Stay Home?

Whenever my kids are sick, I always keep them home.  I don't care what's going on, I don't want my kids to run the risk of getting more sick and I certainly don't want to expose other people to the sickness.  Especially babies and older folks.

Now, my question is -

When there are children of a divorce and it's the non-custodial parents visitation weekend, how do you handle the sick child? 

Do you send them anyway and expose everyone to the sickness while running the risk of the child getting sicker


Would you phone the non-custodial parent and try to work out a switching arrangement so the child would have time to recover?

I'm kind of stuck in my ways on this one and would like to know if other parents would consider me "wrong" in my stance.  I may have to consider changing my view at some point, but for now, I'm open to suggestions.

Am I being overprotective of my kids - keeping them home when they have a sore throat and are congested with a low grade fever?

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Angela said...

Yours is a unique situation. As somebody that hates to go anywhere when I am sick I can't understand why the child wouldn't want to stay home in their own bed. But that's just me, ya know?

On the flip side of it.. I think both parents have an obligation to be their for their child when they are sick.. ya know?

Angela said...

The only other thing I can think of to ask you is this:

Is there a provision in the divorce decree that talks about what is to happen should the kids become sick? If not, then you might need to revisit that in court. Unless of course papers can be signed outside of court in the prescence of a good lawyer.

Other than that.. if the kids are sick on their visitation days then it's probably likely that they have to come your way whether the custodial parent likes it or not, ya know?

6bells said...

That is an interesting question.
I am totally with you, but when i attempt to put my kids first, their father often thinks i have concocted an evil plan to stop him from seeing them, so i give in & send them. He then complains that they were miserable the whole time.

I'm on both sides of the fence.
I want to keep them snuggled up in their own beds, keeping the germs in one place & I also sometimes would rather send them so i can have a fighting chance of getting the other kids and myself better.

Yeah.. tough one!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my own childhood. I'd suggest at least letting the other parent know, this way they can decide if it is their weekend. I just wish more parents would keep their kids home from SCHOOL when they were sick. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow. We are dealing with this tonight. My husb and has 3 daughters and one is throwing up, one has a fever of 102, and the other has an ear infection and is being checked for strep. We've made two hour round trips to get and take them medicine in the past 16 hours as his ex says they are too sick to get in the car. At 5:30pm, she calls and wants them picked up for visitation. It boggles my mind. No, we didn't pick them up and she screamed at him for a half hour on the phone. If kids are this sick, does it really need to be tit for tat? Shouldn't we be forcused on their recovering health and comfort? Plus, why would you want to expose more people to three illnesses and possibly risk their father getting sick too?