Friday, November 17, 2006

It is called "Move on and let go"

This is my two cents (or maybe more) to "why ex-wives cannot seem to see their ex husbands happy". For some reason they do not understand that the word divorce means they have severed the "once united"

I feel it is actually a personal thing with them that if the Ex husband has found happiness and can or is getting along with another woman....Well it is a reflection of their own failure. We all know how hard it is to admit when we are wrong and to try to right it, some continue on in denial while us others suck it up and do whatever is necessary. Now if the husband happened to be the reason for the breakup then I feel it is that "Why wasn't he that way with me?" Still somehow a reflection of their own.

My husbands' ex threw him away, didn't love him anymore, didn't want to be with him anymore, divorced him etc. etc. UNTIL he started to date me....then it was a whole different story. They do have children together and she cannot even stand the fact that they Like me. She poisons their innocent little minds with all kinds of things like "if you love mommy you won't like her".

Again, what part of divorce do they not understand. Just because they were once united, and just because they have children together doesn't mean that they can forget all sense of civility a still make rules for their Ex husband to abide by, JEESH

Another person once said that it really had nothing to with "the new partner" personally that it was just the mother not wanting anyone else "mothering" their children. A sense of insecurity. The desire for the children to think that MOM is the greatest and Dad well, he's just ok. Either way I know that I was so excited when my ex-husband re-married and was happy. (he didn't have a reason to argue with me anymore, LOL) I was also excited that she treated my daughter very well and has no problem with me. We can all actually be in the same household together and all is fine!

Our daughter's grad party was at my house and ALL sides of the family were there and everyone forgot all about the differences because why? Our daughter was the important one!

Our daughter is married now and has a baby and it was only a few weeks ago that I was at my ex's house with his wife playing with our grandbaby in their living room floor cutting up about how things were when our daughter was young! That is a terrific feeling! Especially because it has not always been that way. It took us several years to get over the whole ordeal.
My point is that being a parent means that we have to always put our children before our own selfishness.