Saturday, February 17, 2007

Illinois Stepdad lucky he made it to trial

If this had been the stepdad of my daughter and had done something like this? I'd have saved the taxpayers of Illinois a heap by offing the lame excuse for human being right there.

Hopefully Illinois is speedier at carrying out such penalties then most states. We should all be like Texas - install an express lane on death row already!

This does make a parent stop to think - or it should! When you're divorced and lonely make sure you take the time to get to know your partners better before inviting them into your home and into you life full time.


LeRoy Dissing said...

I am not a big proponent of the death penalty but when they have no doubt - 100% ironclad (such as in this case) that he was the guy, it probably is a fitting sentence. My only question on these cases is how long they drag out and all the appeals, resources spent and the like. No punishment to this guy is fitting for what he did to his step-daughter.