Monday, March 12, 2007

Blended Family Open Thread

I'd like to invite others who are searching the net for information on Blended Families to leave a comment here indicating exactly what the problem is, what answers they hope to find and if there are any resources out there they've found beneficial that I could actually mention here on Step by Step.

I can't promise I'll have the answers, but your help would give me a good guide to go by when coming up with content here on Step by Step.


Steve Straub said...

Hi , I read your request and would like to let you know about our website, We provide a ton of free information that can be helpful to most anyone in a blended family.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Courtney said...

what is the problem? hmmm. Well. There are so many! Not problems, exactly. Just needs. 1) isolation. My friends are in "intact" families and some are loving and helpful, but don't understand and others are judgmental and filled with "i told you so." I need friends! 2) ideas and strategies. My kids drive my husband crazy. His kids drive me crazy. We thought we were compatible in our styles, but there's a world in the little differences. We try things. They seem to fail. What other things can we try? Should we just persist? I need to hear from others. 3) community. I am a writer and I'm writing a book about this blended family thing. I need readers, people to help me make it true. I need to be able to read other people's stuff make it better.

Does anyone else feel competitive toward her step-daughters? Argh!!