Thursday, March 08, 2007

Second Wives Club

Sometimes being the "second wife" has a whole set of unique challenges and no matter how much you'd like to depend on your close family and friends, there just isn't a replacement for the support of someone who is actually living a life parallel to yours.

The mission of Second Wives Club is to provide a safe haven for women who are currently involved in a second marriage or relationship or who is involved in a blended family. Second Wives Club provides a network where you can communicate with others who share common interests, issues, concerns and complaints - you'll find you can give and receive support, information, and friendship.

"The Second Wives" encourages the building and maintaining of co-operative relationships both within the club and the family. To help develop positive attitudes and behaviors and to enable women in blended family situations to live and grow with confidence, respect, and zeal as a wife, mother, and individual.