Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deadbeats on Pizza Boxes

Dang Ohio is really cracking down on perv's and deadbeats! Before long Ohio isn't going to be a safe place for anyone who appears on the sex offender list OR who doesn't pay their child support!

I think this is SO cool!

Years ago, my friend Angela and I had discussed how cool it would be if Budweiser would put pictures on beer cans! But then again, the only people that would likely see them are the deadbeats themselves.

I'm all for any program that publicly calls out perv's or people who deny their children child support.

Thoughts? Will this work? Should they take it a step or 10 further?

Should people who deny their children child support have their privacy protected?

It took my ex a month behind bars to show him how serious I am about Child Support. I don't ask for anything at all outside of that child support - and that's only at the rate of $100 per week, but since his little visit to jail, he's become a changed person and is now the responsible parent he should have been all along.

I make sure my kids know they should be proud of the changes their dad is making and when they talk to him, they make sure he knows everything his child support is doing for them. From contacts to shoes to school sports etc.