Thursday, March 01, 2007

Visitation Guidelines - Flexible or Not?

Having never been in the position of having to worry about such things, I am finding myself a bit baffled on this topic.

Granted, I understand that visitations are set by courts when two parents can't get along. Here's the confusing part:

I want to know is what happens when one parent forgos their weekend. Do they pick up the following weekend or do they forfeit that visit altogether?

I'm sure there are others out there besides me who don't understand these 'rules' of divorce.

I've always let my children make their own decisions on whether or not to have visitation time with their father and we've never had a problem whatsoever.

But, I guess that comes with the territory when you have an amicable divorce. It hasn't always been this way, it's just what it's evolved in to.


Angela said...

If one parent does not visit with their kids when they are supposed to then they MUST wait until their day comes around again before they can excercise their visitation. The for that is so nobody's schedule is infringed on. And if they miss out it doesn't mean that they get to have an extra day to make up for it.

The kids do not get to decide unless they are old enough to say that they will or will not see the parent who's entitled to the visitation.

Now if the divorce is amicable and the non custodial parent would like to see the children then they can be nice and try to set something up but the custodial parent is not obligated and especially if the non custodial parent is trying to upset the schedule that's been set by the courts.

The whole idea of the courts dictating who, what and when is so that the adults are not fighting with each other. Instead they are following what the courts of put together.

I'm an expert in this stuff.. because I've been through it. Our Svenshitski doesn't excercise his visitation at all so we don't have to worry about such things these days.

Gayla said...

That's kind of what I thought - but I wasn't sure.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I always trust your judgment on stuff like this :)

Anonymous said...

Now it all depends on if the parent just "does not want" to have the weekend that they are supposed to have or if they "can not". If they just do not want to have it then they have to wait until the next time that they are supposed to have visitiation. If for some reason they can not and they give you plenty of warning then you can switch with them and then go back to normal visitation.