Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Pays for the Wedding?

My kids aren't old enough to worry about marriage but I remember when it came time for my sister to get married. I recently watched an episode on Reba where Van and Cheyenne are renewing their wedding vows and Reba is honored to plan the wedding until she finds out she must share the planning with the crazy (new wife)Barbara-Jean. Ya know the same woman that stole her man while she was married.

Here's a question, "Who pays for the wedding?" For traditions sake it is normally the bride's family that pays for the wedding. But what happens when her family is a blended family, does one pay more than the other?

What's your take on it?


Jane Massengill said...

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Vanessa said...


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jonathan said...

IT is not easy to say who. But mainly, the man part must have contribution. It is better if the man and the woman have been saving for the marriage before they propose.

Anonymous said...

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Utah Divorce Attorney said...

It's really a complicated question but both parties must short out this issue.