Friday, January 26, 2007

Open Letter to All Custodial Parents

Dear Parent ~
Do you not realize how much your actions against the non-custodial parent are hurting your children?

Do you not realize that by using your children as a source to get your digs in, you are gradually pushing them away - and just like any fine straw, once it's broken, it's not likely it can ever be mended.

If you don't want your child to participate in something, do certain sports, take piano lessons, join under water basket weaving or whatever, tell them. Don't place the non-custodial parent in the position of having to tell that child no and hurt their feelings.

Do not tell your children their other parent isn't paying support. That only makes you look criminal when they are shown the proof that their 'other parent' is providing for them well within the guidelines of the law and then some.

In many cases, one parent has already taken enough away from the other parent by placing them in the position where they can only see their children 4 days out of the month. That's a huge sacrifice, especially for a parent who truly cares.

If you still love that parent, too bad. You should have thought about that before you divorced.

Adults should take responsibility for their own actions. Let the children be children and let them enjoy their four days per month with their other parent without having to worry about being a messenger to the other parent.

You've made your bed - now let them be kids.